Welcome to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s Weekly Breach Breakdown where each Friday we take a look at the most recent and interesting data compromises. It's important to remember all that glitters is not gold, especially when it comes to well-know brands being spoofed as bait in phishing attacks. One company has jumped to the top of the heap when it comes to fake emails and fake websites. Data Breach Resources to Help Make Better Decisions - notified is the ITRC’s comprehensive database of information about publicly reported data breaches since 2005. Consumers and businesses use notified to help make informed decisions about personal and company data security. For more information about the latest data breaches, check out our new look at breaches with notified: notified.idtheftcenter.org/s/ Check out our website: www.idtheftcenter.org/ Follow on LinkedIn: www.facebook.com/IDTheftCenter Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/IDTheftCenter